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The H.L. Flake Staff is commited to supplying all of its customers with the highest level of service and care in the industry. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us.
Tel: 1.800.231.4105


Name Extension Email
Alex Martinez Sales Manager 210
Armando Quiroga 212
Cathy Martinez 211
Oscar Garcia 235
Jacob Eapen 217
Jason Pike 216
Javi Martinez 241
Joe Chambers 227
Jorge Rivera 213
Nick Schwing 264
Richard McManus 254
Tim Britt Outside Sales
Tom Caden Commercial Sales
Rene Gutierrez Internet Sales
Tim Waggoner 218
Juan Cardenas 226
Miquel Vasquez 220

Customer Service

Name Extension Email
Customer Service Option 8

Product Support & Research

Name Extension Email
Paul Cheatham 232

Accounts Payable

Name Extension Email
Anthony Villegas 234
Teresa Granado 243
Teresa Tran 233
Sherri Snyder 245

Accounts Receivable

Name Extension Email
Mindy Dunlap 111
Criselda Ramos 236
Maria Lopez 242


Name Extension Email
Andrew Rincon 278
Arnold Ramirez 270


Name Extension Email
Chris Velazquez 279
Corey Gooden 272
John Gabriel 277
RGA Hotline 239  


Name Extension Email
Ryan Morgan 286
Paul Landry 250
Travis Howell 247
Linda Payne 248


Name Extension Email
Dan Floeck 201
Krista Lamb 202